Diagnóstico Web: cover illustration

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Cover illustration for the online magazine Diagnósticoweb.

XIXth century african-brazilian woman

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This is a watercolor painting based on a 19th century B&W photograph from the book “O negro na fotografia brasileira do século XIX“. It’s an awesome book with plenty of information and images of the daily lives and work of the sadly enslaved africans brought to work in Brasil’s plantations.

Illustrated archaeology in Brasil: WIP

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Urban archaeology in Brasil

Urban archaeology in Brasil

From rough sketch to final watercolor shading.

Illustration for D’vie Jewelry postcard

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Pencil on paper and digital coloring.


Curvy is sexy!

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Watercolor shading & digital coloring.


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Un Giardin sul Balcon: watercolor illustrations

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Created to illustrate the tags and labels of the line of organic cuisine products of my friend Michele Valent Czekster.

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